Job Opening

Worship Leader


 We are currently looking for someone to lead us in worship. 


The worship leader must lead in worship and preferably have the skill to play an instrument(s). The end goal is to please God and serve the church with that skill and gift of leadership.


A worship leader serves the church by combining God’s word and songs with music. This will thereby motivate and encourage the church to 1.) proclaim the gospel and the greatness of Christ through song  2.) cherish God’s presence with us as we worship him    3.) help people live their lives for God.


This description can be modified to include other areas of responsibility as gifting allows.



Job Description:


-Know what the lyrics to the songs say and ensure that they line up with scripture.  The worship leader has the final say in the song selection. (Hebrews 12:28-29; Romans 12:1-2).


-Think of ways to connect the preached word with the songs being sung, to help the church see that worship and the preached word are all connected. (Psalm 100)


-Select songs each week that flow together based on theme, background of the songs, sermon series/topic, plus the different special occasions or events of that particular day.


-Be creative in how the songs are arranged: changing the arrangement, tempo, and song structure as needed. (Psalm 98:5)


-Know how different versions of hymns and modern songs can change the power and understanding of a song. Worship should sound modern and contextual to the world we live in.


-Pray and meditate each week on God’s word and the planned songs, in order to be prepared to lead the people in worship. (Psalm 1:1-3)

-Know what is involved in the entire service from beginning to end to ensure that all the music ties everything together, including: preaching, special music, Lord’s Supper, or special events. 


-Lead, recruit, and train other musicians and singers from all ages (children, youth and adults) to worship Christ in their own hearts to help the church respond in like manner. (Hebrews 10:24-25)


-Lead praise team practices and be prepared before practice begins to ensure a productive practice.  (This means songs are selected, music is ready, and musicians have what they need to be prepared)


-From the first song sung, to the sermon, to the end of the service, everything should flow together and share the same goal of helping people worship Christ more and respond to His leading in their life.  (2 Corinthians 10:5)


-Practices will be held Wednesday night and Sunday morning, or as needed.




The salary for this part-time position will be based on experience and education.


Please send your resume to: